Acrona & upline


Laurens Vandevyver


10 days


UX & visual design

About the project

During the summer of 2018 I was approached by Acrona, a local design & development company. They asked me if I wanted to work with them for a couple months to re-do a couple of their websites. I took this opportunity as a way to learn more about webdesign and as a challenge to see how I would do on my own. Upline is one of the websites I did for them, Upline is a digital publishing company and I helped them build a new brand for themselves.


As Acrona was a new brand there was no styleguide or brand colours and I got to build everything myself from the ground up. The client wanted it's brand to be blue to embody a sense of trust and stability. Starting with blue as a base colour I built a new brand for Acrona from a fresh colour palette to a new logo and typography.

The logo was inspired by a lot of modern logo's, the sans-serif font with a strong blue colour really work here. The arrow in front of the wordmark is taken from the "up" in Upline and the added shadow adds some depth to the logo.

I came up with this gorgeous deep blue, a black that has the same deep blue feeling and a white that's just not fully white.

The typography needed to be very clear on mobile since mobile was our main focus point. We chose to use SF UI because it was designed for smaller screens. Next to this we also used a bold version of circular, this because of it's gorgeous typeface and high readability.


The website for Upline wasn't meant to go into depths about their brands but was more of a showcase of what brands they own. This is why the detail pages for their products are limited to an intro, just one paragraph of body text and a couple of statistics.

With the new colours, font's and a logo in mind I started quickly sketching out the website before taking it into sketch. I didn't do any extra digital wireframing because the project didn't need this in my opinion. From my sketches on paper I took it straight to designing a fresh homepage containing a striking large blue banner. 


Building something from scratch is what I have been doing most of the time so far so it wasn't a new experience. This was my first ever experience having to work with print though because I also had to design business cards. The shade of blue I used isn't printable so I had to look into Pantone colours for this. Next time I will do more research on colours and how the brand will be used. Overall I am very satisfied with the modern look I was able to deliver for Upline.